Sales Training Concept

We work in an industry where our products and services are often seen as “commodities”. CERATA believes that our industry is making an invaluable contribution to the health, safety and wellbeing of the community.

Moving the conversation from cost to profit is what all of us in the industry are keen to do.

By approaching customers in a professional manner and showing our understanding of how our products and services contribute to their business, we can improve our image and increase our own bottom line.

CERATA offers comprehensive sales training programme and workshops, including:

  • Introduction to Seven Steps of Successful Selling
  • Effective Closing Techniques and Sales Presentations
  • Consultative Approach to Selling
  • Introduction to Negotiation

The workshops are led by highly experienced professionals from across all areas of the cleaning sector. Coaching that highlights real experience from the industry is an essential element of the programme.

A Certificate of Competence (Endorsed by The British Institute of Cleaning Science, BICSc) will be issued, and can be used as part of an individual’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

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